What is the state of global democracy? What are current challenges to freedom and the rule of law? Discover new studies on elections and next-generation technologies, facts and the polarisation of society, money laundering and more.



Digital technologies are profoundly changing our societies. They promise innovative solutions to countless problems, while confronting us with new challenges.

New studies on digital currencies and IDs, global net freedom, blockchain and human rights, AI in diplomacy and more.



Snake strangling a person

When we see the world as black and white, the sense of community on which democracy depends is in danger. From terrorist groups and political polarisation to radicalisation in digital spaces – we explore the many faces of extremism around the globe.



How will we live in 2050? How will digital technologies and A.I. shape society, politics and the economy? What should we fear and what can we hope for? In this special issue, a collaboration with the Zukunftsinstitut, we investigate what our future might look like.



Woman dangling over safety net

What are today’s most pressing challenges to international security? From the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change to global digital infrastructure and the threat of extremism—we take a look at some of the answers that experts in security studies have to offer.

About the Think Tank Report

The Think Tank Report examines the research of international think tanks and provides concise and accessible surveys of current issues and emerging trends in politics and society.

In each issue we present a selection of recent studies by leading think tanks and feature interviews with experts from a wide range of backgrounds. Taking a main topic as our guiding thread, we explore its various aspects and their relevance to political actors and society at large. Published by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the TTR provides a stage for other think tanks to showcase their diverse analyses and studies.

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