How is migration being instrumentalized, and what challenges will Europe face in the coming years? How can we secure the future of Europe, and what significance do the Baltic states hold for our security? New global studies offer a comprehensive overview of the European situation.



How do generations differ? How are growing populations and ageing societies changing the world? Discover new studies on demographic change, values and voting behaviour, work retirement planning, social media and more.



How free is the world? How can we foster democracy and counter authoritarianism? New studies provide insights into the global picture and the situation in countries around the world like Iraq, Afghanistan, Myanmar and El Salvador.

About the Think Tank Report

The Think Tank Report examines the research of international think tanks and provides concise and accessible surveys of current issues and emerging trends in politics and society.

In each issue we present a selection of recent studies by leading think tanks and feature interviews with experts from a wide range of backgrounds. Taking a main topic as our guiding thread, we explore its various aspects and their relevance to political actors and society at large. Published by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the TTR provides a stage for other think tanks to showcase their diverse analyses and studies.

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